Kazurai Kaijitsu


Kazurai was discovered on the doorstep of the Kaijitsu home by five-year-old Ameiko one cool spring morning. He was a strange-looking child, deep gray skin, black eyes with silver irises and wispy white hair. But in spite of his strangeness, he won the hearts of the Kaijitsu family, and a place in their home.

Kazurai grew into a solemn polite young man, taking an interest in bladework and, when a heavyset gaijin appeared in town, Kazurai took an interest in the man’s strange way of life: A way of life the gaijin referred to as the Way of the Gun. When Ameiko and Kazurai’s parents were killed, Kazurai took it upon himself to take care of his adoptive sister, and was deeply wounded when she left him to go adventuring. If she had not left in the dead of night when he was sleeping, he would have come with her even though he was only 12 at the time.

On her return, his protective instincts took control, and he barely lets her out of his sight. The gaijin (whose name was never revealed to Kazurai or any of the Sandpoint citizenry) disappeared about a year ago, leaving Kazurai with a battered old musket and some rounds. Kazurai has acted as a guard for the Rusty Dragon Inn since then, a cautious but friendly presence within the tavern his sister owns and operates.

Kazurai Kaijitsu

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