Mulan Fah

A young swordswoman who dreams of bringing glory to her family


Pathfinder Magus class (Kensai archtype)

Weapon of choice: Katana


Mulan is a young girl of 16 who has never left her home in Sandpoint. She has big dreams of protecting her home from the goblins and other creatures of the nearby swamp, and seeing the world. While she has been forced to study swordplay from a young age, she is secretly fascinated by magic. She has collected whatever books she can on the subject and has trained herself to cast a few small spells. Currently she is trying to find a way to combine her skills with the sword with her magical abilities.

Mulan’s mother is believed to be dead. Her father moved to Sandpoint when she was a young child with no wife. Some whisper that this is the reason she’s taken such an interest in Ameiko Kaijitsu. Whatever the reason, Mulan has fallen in love with the tavern owner and will do anything to chance the woman’s eye. She hopes one day to run away with Ameiko, but fears this will never happen.

Mulan Fah

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